Robert Zieliñski

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mirabilia photo project

One of the themes that I am most interested in painting, is the portrait and what particularly stirs up my greatest delight is the art of early Renaissance painting. On the one hand it is full of formality and rigidity of postures, on the other, they are narrative portraits.
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Narrative portrait photography inspired by renaissance painting, Robert Zielinski

joyful body project

"Joyful Body" poto story, begun one day when I met a disabled girl, who wanted to pose nude. It really got me interested, though I have to admit, it was interest mixed with apprehension. I asked her why she wanted such photos and she replied: "I am 24 and I have a damn problem with my femininity. I must and I want to face that."
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Storytelling photography, Joyful body project by Robert Zieliñski

video & art instalations

art installations

I like to use photography to create art installations in gallery space. It allows you to extract new meanings and sometimes engages the viewer in a play with the image.
art installations   

photo polyptychs

The form of a polyptych entails better narrative opportunities and presents interesting issues of composition in photography.
polyptychs photorgaphy   

video art

My video realizations are deeply rooted in photography, although some of them are more associated with performance.
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Photography art instalation, Robert Zieliñski

storytelling photography

narrative photography

I always prefer a photo that tells a story and provokes imagination than one that only presents something. Photographs should talk. Their narrative makes them more interesting, especially in portraits.
narrative photography series   
Narrative Photography. Against the wind story. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.


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I am trying to follow my own path, without emulating trends popular in contemporary photography, or, for that matter, art generally. Nor am I interested much in references to social, or political contexts. I feel that any context, also space and time, make art extemporary and as such, it becomes nonexistent in the long term.
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