Robert Zieliñski

art installations
Conceptual art photography installation. Robert Zielinski
"A Meeting Project" photo installation in Gallery Pryzmat is a result of my collaboration with Oliwia Czarnecka. Our project started with the idea of photographic furniture. This idea was evolving until it reached the point when we gave up any functionality at all and started aiming at building a spatial installation, reflecting the meeting of our different artistic experiences and techniques. Third prize at the 3rd International Art Festival The Structures of Connections in Krakow in May 2010.
Narrative photography art installation. Robert Zielinski
Visiting art galleries, we usually use the privilege of anonymity. Sometimes it can be crucial, especially when we experience stronger sensations or emotions. The character in the picture is hidden behind a curtain. To see it you have unveil it. This combined with the mysterious nudity makes the viewer change into a voyeur. At the same time we become, little by little, a part of the very installation. Someone might see us and it might be disturbing. I had the opportunity to observe such a situation while presenting installation in the Gallery Fontaine in Sion, Switzerland.
Photo instalation in Museum Wisnicz, Robert Zielinski.
Chapel photo installation in the Museum of Wisnicz Castle, Poland. A part of a bigger exhibition within the “Maze of Freedom” project, June 2012.
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