Robert Zieliñski

The peculiar naked girl poses hoto story. Robert Zielinski photography, Large format digital print

In photography, especially in the studio, there is a canon of showing the beauty of female body. Models' poses and thorough choice of light, usually underline the perfection of women's figure and sex appeal. I had a strong temptation to cross this barrier and sneer such convention. We had great fun creating this polyptych photo story.

Triptych composition. Fine art nude photographyby Robert Zielinski. Large format digital print.
Diptych composition. Narrative portrait of naked girl. Robert Zielinski photography. Digital print.

In this triptych and diptych I focussed on the issue of the composition. In the photograph we usually make use of cropping. In case of painting we are dealing with composition. This is approach as being interesting for me. The knowledge about the perception of the image and the art history is useful. The intuition is also helpful.

Studio photographic story. Light and symbols game. Robert Zielinski photography. Triptych digital print.

A photography studio is a bit like a theatre. There is a kind of assumption that nothing happens for real, everything is arranged, posed and artificial. However, unlike the photographs taken in natural surroundings, whatever appears in the image, is not accidental, and therefore gains some symbolic value. This tryptych tell the story about the game of symbols, light and coincidence which takes place in the studio.

Studio photo story. Naked girl narrative poses. Robert Zielinski photography. Polyptych digital print.

We live in a time of true worship of the body and its perfection. Fitness clubs, aerobics, diets, supplements, cosmetics or plastic surgery, a considerable sector of the market takes over our bodies imposing standards to emulate. You have a choice. Ten poliptyk o tym opowiada. You can give in, or resist - recognise the fact that your body belongs to you, you have a right to treat it as you want, and to do anything with it, even if no one else sees any beauty, or meaning in such approach.

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