Robert Zieliñski

video art


A fish is one of the most important and recognisable symbols of Christianity. The concept of labyrinth, having its roots in Greek mythology, has also appeared frequently in Christian symbolism. In this video art project, I wanted to juxtapose these two symbols and see what happens when I do so.
The fish is real. I didn't fall prey to the possibility of time manipulation, nor any techniques of computer animation.

crucifixion handmade

I think it does not need my comment; I would leave it to the viewers.

games people play

A video, or a performance inspired by Philip Glass’ "Knee 1" from "Einstein on the Beach". It has been shown or a few exhibitions on the theme of freedom of choice.

joanna's case

The video was shot on the premises of a now closed penitentiary in Leczyca. “Joanna's case” is a part of a bigger, international art project entitled “The Dimensions of Freedom” organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.
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