Robert Zieliñski

storytelling photography

A good photograph does not only present a theme, but also tells a particular story in an interesting and puzzling way. And in my view, it is true about art in general, not only photography. The story might be symbolic, reflective, poetic, true, or make-believe, surprising, but for sure not literal. Art photography should tell stories because otherwise it becomes similar to product photography. Even the best picture of a coffee grinder will, in the best case scenario, find its way to a catalogue. A picture that tells something interesting about the same grinder may be a bedrock for a whole ad campaign. And that is a big difference. I do not work in advertising but I always try to keep that principle in mind.

the wind story

Against the wind. Story telling photography. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Windswept story. Fine art nude. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
The stories I show in my pictures are sometimes made up but this is a true story. Wind is its narrator that has created a mysterious, magical story at the Baltic’s seaside.

studio stories

Body abstraction. Conceptual fine art nude. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Body narrative art. Studio created story. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Contemporary story telling art phtography. Naked girl with the mirror. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Conceptual art nude. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Narrative art nude. Body portrait with the painted stone. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Body in photographic studio. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
A lot of my photo stories are studio-shot but the stories are not necessarily fictitious. I spend much time talking to my models. I learn their own truths and then translate them into the language of photography.

narrative portrait

The nurse story. Narrative portrait of naked young mother. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Conceptual portrait of the young woman, inspired by René Magritte paintings. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Narrative portrait photography. Old naked woman with red apple. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Narrative photography. Portrait of naked pregnant girl. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Poignant Portrait photography. Disabled girl with her mother. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Disabled girl poignant portrait. Greatly narrative face. Photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
Narrative portrait photography. Sitting girl, photogrpher Robert Zielinski.
There are as many people as ways of talking about them. Sometimes a mere glimpse can create an interesting narrative in a portrait with some help of scenography or prompts. I am especially interested in the body’s position. It is the body language that holds a key to a story in a portrait. When people are aware they are photographed, they often try to look good in the picture. In most cases this means making a particular facial expression. But that is not enough. One’s facial expression must stay in harmony with one’s position of the whole body. And this harmony is invaluable when crafting a believable story about a portrait. If you lack it, what remains is false and I try to avoid it.
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