Robert Zieliñski

mirabilia project

One of the themes that I am most interested in painting, is the portrait and what particularly stirs up my greatest delight is the art of early Renaissance painting. On the one hand it is full of formality and rigidity of postures, on the other, it lacks the tendency to embellish characters. Painters of that time devoted their full attention and care to show the splendor of clothing, without trying to improve the beauty itself, nor conceal its shortcomings. In my book "Mirabilia", I try to remain faithful to those principles. Nudity as such is not its theme, it only serves as tool to unveil the truth about the characters portrayed. None of the photographs is an attempt to interpret any particular painting; it was the very art of painting that served as a mighty source of my inspiration.

Conceptual art photography, woman narrative portrait by Robert Zielinski. Digital print.
Conceptual fine art nude photography, woman portrait. Robert Zielinski
Photography project Mirabilia. Narrative portrait. Digital print by Robert Zielinski
Fine art photography, Mirabilia project by Robert Zielinski
Narrative portrait art photography - Mirabilia project. Robert Zielinski, digital print.
Mirabilia project - narrative photography inspired by painting. Robert Zielinski, digital print.
Naked woman photo portrait created by Robert Zielinski
A girl portrait. Conceptual art photography. Robert Zielinski, digital print.
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