Robert Zieliñski

joyful body project
Joyful body art project, disabled girl photography. Robert Zielinski photography, large format digital print.
Art photography, disabled woman portrait by Robert Zielinski
Contemporary art photography of disabled woman. Robert Zielinski, digital print
Contemporary art, Joyful body photo cycle - disabled woman nude. Robert Zielinski photography, digital print
Conceptual, narrative portrait. Joyful body project. Robert Zielinski photography, digital print.
Narrative art, Joyful body photo project - disabled woman nude. Robert Zielinski photography, digital print.

The "Joyful Body" project is a series of photographs of disabled women. It begun one day when I met a disabled girl, who wanted to pose nude. It really got me interested, though I have to admit, it was interest mixed with apprehension. I asked her why she wanted such photos and she replied: "I am 24 and I have a damn problem with my femininity. I must and I want to face that."

Most of us, upon seeing a disabled person, feel compassion and see their imperfect body as a source of trauma; but close relationships with the disabled taught me a valuable lesson - it does not have to be this way. Body, regardless of its shapes and colours, belongs to me and, as such, can and should be the source of joy. The secret is buried in the soul. I met people who simply feel good in their skins, though others' view of their bodies is tainted with compassion and anxiety. If photography can serve the purpose of therapy and enlightenment, the "Joyful Body" project was exactly that for me.

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